Chapter 2. Technical overview of the IBM Eserver pSeries High Performance Switch (HPS) 71
2.7.5 Additional applications
The HPS may be desired for IP networking, such as the following:
TCP and UDP applications
Shared memory networking such as bulk transfers
RSCT Resource Monitoring and Control
LAPI (which has moved to RSCT from PSSP)
MPI (Message Passing Interface)
VSD (Virtual Shared Disks, currently using IP over HPS)
HACMP TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager)
Information on the relationship of these applications with the HPS is documented in
Chapter 3, “Application considerations” on page 73.
2.8 References
Additional useful documentation includes:
pSeries 690 Service Guide, SA38-0589
pSeries High Performance Switch Planning, Installation and Service, GA22- 7951
RSCT Group Services Programming Guide and Reference, SA22-7888
IBM Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology for AIX 5L, Administration Guide, SA22-7889
RSCT for AIX 5L: Technical Reference, SA22-7890
RSCT for AIX 5L: Messages, SA22-7891
RS/6000 and Eserver pSeries Adapter Placement Reference for AIX, SA38-0538
72 An Introduction to the New IBM Eserver pSeries High Performance Switch

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