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AMD Air Moving Device. See MDA,
API Application Programming Interface
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
BPA Bulk Power Assembly
BPC Bulk Power Controller
BPR Bulk Power Regulator
CEC Central Electronics Complex.
CSM Cluster Systems Management
CSS Communication Support
Subsystem (switch)
CUoD Capacity Upgrade on Demand
DCA-F Distributed Conversion Assembly
for Federation
ESS Enterprise Storage Server
FNM Federation Network Manager
FRU Field Replaceable Unit
GFW General Firmware (Regatta)
GPFS General Parallel File System (also
known as multimedia filesystem)
HACMP High Availability Cluster Multi
HMC Hardware Maintenance Console
HPS The shortest name for “IBM eServer
pSeries High Performance Switch”.
This is also known as the “pSeries
HSC Hardware Service Console (same
as HMC)
IBM International Business Machines
IP Internet Protocol
IPAT IP Address Takeover
ISB Intermediate Switch Board
ITSO International Technical Support
LAPI Low level Application Programming
LPAR Logical partition
MCM Multi Chip Module
MDA Motor Drive Assembly.
MDS Microcode Descovery Service
Abbreviations and acronyms
MIF Microcode Image File.
ML maintenance level, used for
defining a set of PTFs installed on
the AIX machine
MPI Message Passing Interface
MPM Mechanism Pluggable Module
NIC Network Interface Card
NIM Network Install Manager
NSB Node Switch Board
NUMA Non-Uniform Memory Access
OS Operating system
PE Parallel Environment
POST Power On Self Test
POWER Performance Optimization With
Enhanced RISC
PPC&C Product Packaging, Power and
PSSP Parallel Systems Support Program
PTF Program Temporary Fix
RIO Remote I/O
RMC Resource Monitoring and Control
RPA RS/6000 Platform Architecture
RPD RSCT Peer Domain
RSCT Reliable Scalable Cluster
RTAS Runtime Abstarction Services
RVSD Recoverable Virtual Shared Disk
SMA Shared Memory Adapter
SNI Switch Network Interface
SP System Parallel
SPCC Switch Port Connector Cards
SPCN System Power Control Network
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TOD Time of Day
UDP Universal Datagram Protocol
VMM Virtual Memory Manager (part of
kernel subsystem in AIX)
VPD Vital Product Data
VSD Virtual Shared Disk
244 An Introduction to the New IBM Eserver pSeries High Performance Switch

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