Chapter 1: Introduction

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. It was―――who measured the circumference of the Earth, for the first time.
    1. Aryabhata
    2. Brahmagupta
    3. Copernicus
    4. Da Vinci
    5. Eratosthenes
  2. Aryabhata had suggested―――.
    1. that the Earth revolved around the Sun
    2. that the Earth rotated on its axis
    3. that the Earth moved around the Sun in elliptical orbits
    4. A, B and C are true
  3. Evidence for the Continental Drift Theory came from―――.
    1. plate tectonics
    2. remote sensing
    3. satellite imagery
    4. observation from space vehicles
  4. Aristotle had said that the Earth was spherical. This shows that―――.
    1. Aristotle had a scientific view about the Earth
    2. Aristotle came to this conclusion through divine inspiration
    3. Aristotle was merely repeating what he had heard
    4. This is an ...

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