Chapter 350

16-bit, 100ksps A/D converter runs on 5V supply

Sammy Lum and Kevin R. Hoskins


The LTC1605, a complete 16-bit, 100ksps analog-to-digital converter that runs on 5V supply, is described.


Analog-to-digital converter

16-bit ADC


The LTC1605 is a new 16-bit, 100ksps ADC from Linear Technology. Its outstanding DC accuracy and ±10V analog input range are ideal for industrial control and instrumentation applications. Its simple I/O, low power and high performance make it easy to design into applications requiring wide dynamic range and high resolution.

Product features

• No missing codes and ±2 LSB max INL over temperature

• Single 5V supply with 55mW typical power dissipation

• ±10V analog input with ...

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