Chapter 359

Micropower, SO-8, 8-bit ADCs sample at 1kHz on 3μA of supply current

William Rempfer and Marco Pan


The LTC1096 and LTC1098, micropower, SO-8, 8-bit analog-to-digital converters that sample at 1kHz on 3μA of supply current, are described.


Analog-to-digital converter



The LTC1096 and LTC1098 are the lowest power, most compact, sampling analog-to-digital converters in the world. These new 8-bit micropower, sampling ADCs typically draw 100μA of supply current when sampling at 33kHz. Supply current drops linearly as the sample rate is reduced as shown in Figure 359.1. At a 1kHz sample rate, the supply current is only 3μA. The ADCs automatically power down when not performing conversions, drawing ...

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