Chapter 20. Creating Hierarchical Designs

Chapter Outline

20.1. Hierarchical Ports and Off-page Connectors254
20.2. Hierarchical Blocks and Symbols254
20.2.1. Hierarchical Blocks257
20.2.2. Hierarchical Symbols258
20.3. Passing Parameters259
20.4. Hierarchical Netlist260
20.5. Exercises260
Exercise 1261
Exercise 2264
Creating a Hierarchical Symbol which can be Saved to a Library264
Exercise 3269
Testing the Oscillator in a Hierarchy269
Exercise 4271
Exercise 5274
Capture designs can either be flat, in which signals are connected across pages in the design, or hierarchical, in which the design is partitioned into blocks and signals transverse up and down the hierarchy. Flat designs are represented in the Project Manager as having a single schematic folder ...

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