a priori ordered hypotheses, testing 84–86

acceleration of EM algorithm 329

ACR response criterion

See arthritis trial

acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) trial

See ARDS trial

adaptive conditional power tests 244–248

adaptive Gaussian quadrature 347–353

adjusted analyses

See stratified data analysis

adjusted p-value tests

See marginal multiple testing procedures

allergen-induced asthma trial

See asthma trial

α-spending functions 206–209

simultaneous efficacy and futility monitoring 214–215

ANOVA procedure, stratified data analysis 6

anxiety disorder trial 236

predictive power test 252–256

predictive probability tests 262–264

APACHE II scores

See sepsis trial

ARDS trial

Bonferroni gatekeeping procedure 112–114

Bonferroni gatekeeping ...

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