Analytics is a new force driving business. Tools have been created to measure program effects and return on investment, visualize data and business processes, and uncover the relationship between key performance indicators—many using the unprecedented amount of data now moving into organizations. In this course, you will discuss leading-edge topics in analytics and finance in a session that is packed with useful tips and practical guidance that you can apply immediately.


One of the first times the author was exposed to the concept of Big Data was when he served as the CFO for a large non-profit early in his career. The organization was going through a major organization restructure, and it was also restructuring its information technology infrastructure and the software tools used to provide information technology services. As a result, the agency brought in an expert on a fourth-generation language database program. The expert had a wife who was suffering from a severe illness. The expert was adamant that if he could obtain a large number of patient records, he would find a cure for his wife’s illness. His contention was that a relationship between the illness and the cure was hidden within other patient records. He certainly had the skills to find a connection. The author saw the concept of Big Data first-hand without realizing how it would evolve. The author is more convinced than ever ...

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