The need to effectively build and manage customer relationships is almost universally accepted in today's world. Why then do so many organizations get it so wrong? The rise of Big Data has unfortunately only compounded the problem in many cases. Organizations that weren't doing a good job with customer data and analytics in the past are falling even further behind. For those that aren't prepared, Big Data offers plenty of ways to do things very wrong. For those that are prepared, Big Data provides the ability to understand customers and actively manage customer relationships at a level never before possible.

In Analytics and Dynamic Customer Strategy: Big Profits from Big Data, Jeff Tanner tackles the challenge of capturing, analyzing, and acting on customer data to drive competitive advantage. While Tanner is an academic by profession, readers will not find the book to be focused on academics. The book is focused on real-world practices and examples that will be accessible to anyone who is familiar with marketing and customer analytics. At the same time, Tanner is able to reference the research he and others have done over the years to support the book's key points.

The central theme of the book is the need to learn and act in an ever-accelerating fashion. Tanner discusses the concept of a Dynamic Customer Strategy that keeps day-to-day actions linked to a central strategy. While a broad strategy is the compass, day-to-day efforts to remain on course are driven by ...

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