CHAPTER 7University Tutoring CenterAn In-Depth Case Study on Agile Analytics

Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.

—Tennessee Williams

In August 2016, I began my new career as a faculty member at the largest public university in Arizona.* I teach full-time in the Department of Information Systems.

By way of background, the university prides itself on inclusion and diversity. In 2015, its president, Dr. Michael Crow, wrote Designing the New American University, along with William Dabars. The book outlined Dr. Crow’s bold vision for the future of education in this country. At the risk of bragging, the strategy is paying off, and the university is racking up the accolades. For instance, in March 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked its MBA program number 25 in the world. The 2015 Open Doors Report of the International Educational Exchange ranked it the number-four overall college or university for international students.*

As I learned during my first week at orientation, my new employer offers its students no shortage of resources. Many take advantage of its workshops and seminars, career counselors, and writing and tutoring centers. (For my part, I’m usually not bored during my office hours.)

Although I am relatively new to academia, the charter of the school’s tutoring center (known as the University Tutoring Center or the UTC) doesn’t seem unique. Most universities’ comparable departments face the same primary objective: to provide the most tutoring services ...

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