Chapter 1. Executive Summary

The Five Core Principles for Turning Clients and Prospects into Raving Fans

Perfect clients" are those who will pay for the full value of your product or services, rave about what you do, and go wild for anything that you offer. Lots of businesses have good clients, but only an elite few have passionate, loyal, vocal clients. This type of client is one that not only keeps coming back for more, but also finds the need to share you with family, friends, and even strangers. Perfect clients are often what drive a firm's explosive growth. And although the perfect client is found only in a perfect world (which doesn't exist), there are many businesses that can enjoy the enthusiasm of the nearly perfect passion of their clients.

I have observed companies large and small through the eyes of my consulting firm; conducted extensive research; and read literally thousands of business books in search of commonalities and concepts for repeatable professional success. I have ultimately been searching, as many of us are, for the "secret sauce" that some businesses have mixed together to create incremental success. And although I am trained in marketing—and this is a marketing book—it is not one that lists or explains the basic concepts and textbook theories of marketing approaches. It is instead filled with the lessons and premises of a variety of business success stories—many that have never been heard before—to illustrate effective and unique strategies for attracting ...

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