Chapter 17. Events and Seminars

Creating Buzz and Sales Through Group Presentations

There's a good chance that the thought of events and seminars conjures up some negative imagery for you—memories of stale conference rooms, boring speakers who drone on and on, or being harassed to sign on the dotted line at an overcrowded trade show. If previous experiences have left a bad taste in your mouth, then chances are you aren't jumping at the opportunity to spend your own company's most precious resources—time and money—to host one of your own.

But the truth is that when they're planned well, events and seminars can be effective means of connecting, networking, marketing, and promoting your business. The key is to know how to do them right.

In addition, clients and prospects often need to be reassured that you operate a credible, healthy business. When you host an event—especially one operated in conjunction with other companies, community groups, and the media—people will see your company as trustworthy. Since public events are open to public scrutiny, people generally feel that any company willing to be so open and upfront must be confident about what it has to offer.

An event doesn't have to be large to accomplish your goal, whether it's to educate, enhance name recognition, build relationships, or generate sales. Great events come in all shapes and sizes; so read on for some fresh ideas (and some oldies-but-goodies) to help get your first big event off the ground.

Get Eventful

There are ...

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