Chapter 1

Developing Spectacular Android Applications

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing reasons to develop Android apps

arrow Starting with the basics of Android development

arrow Working with the hardware

arrow Getting familiar with the software

Google rocks! Google acquired the Android platform in 2005 (see the sidebar “The roots of Android,” later in this chapter) to ensure that a mobile operating system (OS) can be created and maintained in an open platform. Google continues to pump time and resources into the Android project. Though devices have been available only since October 2008, over a billion Android devices have now been activated, and more than a million more are being added daily. In only a few years, Android has already made a huge impact.

It has never been easier for Android developers to make money by developing apps. Android users trust Google, and because your app resides in the Google Play Store, many users will be willing to trust your app, too.

Why Develop for Android?

The real question is, “Why not develop for Android?” If you want your app to be available to millions of users worldwide ...

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