Chapter 2

Prepping Your Development Headquarters

In This Chapter

arrow Becoming an Android application developer

arrow Collecting your tools of the trade

arrow Downloading and installing the Android software development kit (SDKs)

arrow Getting and configuring Android Studio

arrow Working with the Android development tools

All the software that you need to develop Android applications is free. That’s where the beauty of developing Android applications lies. The basic building blocks you need to develop rich Android applications — the tools, the frameworks, and even the source code — are free. No one gives you a free computer, but you get to set up your development environment and start developing applications for free, and you can’t beat free. Well, maybe you can — if someone pays you to write an Android application, but you’ll reach that. This chapter walks you through the necessary steps to install the tools and frameworks so that you can start building kick‐butt Android applications.

Developing the Android ...

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