Chapter 3

Your First Android Project

In This Chapter

arrow Creating a new, blank project in Android Studio

arrow Understanding errors

arrow Creating an emulator

arrow Running your first app

arrow Studying the anatomy of a project

Before you start creating that next blockbuster Android application, I walk you through creating your first Android application to help ­solidify a few key aspects in the Android project‐creation process. In this chapter, you create a simple “Hello Android” application that requires no coding whatsoever. What — no coding? How is that possible? Follow along as I show you.

Starting a New Project in Android Studio

First things first: Start Android Studio. You should see a screen that looks similar to the one shown in Figure 3-1. Now you’re ready to start cooking with Android.


Figure 3‐1: The Android Studio development environment.

If you haven’t set up your development environment ...

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