Chapter 16

Developing for Tablets

In This Chapter

arrow Zeroing in on why a tablet is a different digital beast

arrow Modifying your existing app to run on tablets

arrow Downloading a tablet emulator

arrow Using responsive layouts

arrow Building product flavors

arrow Creating a tablet‐only activity

You need to master some tricks of the trade to make your apps work on tablets and on phones. In this chapter, you can get an overview of the differences betweeen phones and tablets, and then find out how to design the Tasks application to work on both types of devices.

Considering the Differences between Phones and Tablets

Android tablets and Android phones have some obvious differences, and size immediately comes to mind, but that is only one of the differences:

  • Tablets are designed to be held in two hands, whereas phones are designed for only one.
  • Android tablet screens tend not to extend past the 7‐to‐10‐inch range, ...

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