Chapter 2

Installing the Software Tools


check Installing and configuring the software

check Starting the Android Studio IDE

check Working with the Android SDK

There are two kinds of people — people who love tools, and people who don’t have strong feelings about tools. (As far as we know, no one dislikes tools.) You may be a tool lover because you enjoy the leverage that tools provide. With the right tool, you can easily do things that would otherwise require monumental effort. And you can do these things over and over again, getting better with practice using the tools so that the tasks you’re dealing with become easier as time goes on.

Of course, having tool-o-philia isn’t always a good thing. You may not be handy with skills like carpentry, car repair, or plumbing, but might not be able to resist buying greasy old screwdrivers and other such tools at garage sales. Some of these tools could be unique. For example, you could have what you think is the world’s biggest monkey wrench (bought several years ago for only seven dollars). But your friends and family think you’re useless (if not dangerous) using the wrench, so it sits in your attic waiting for your kids to deal with it when, ...

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