Chapter 3

Creating an Architecture


check Navigating between activities and fragments

check Obtaining data

check Displaying data

The entirety of your app, from a design perspective, must meet certain organizational requirements or it won’t work properly. It would be like trying to find something in a library with books shelved just anywhere. The content would be there, but you wouldn’t be able to find it unless you just happened to stumble upon the right shelf. Your app is all about presenting content in some way and if you want anyone to make any sense of it, you must organize it. An architecture is a means of describing the elements of your app (the shelving), how they interact (the library layout), and how they present and manage data (the content your patrons want). So, this chapter is about organizing your app in a specific way.

Managing Application Activities

Every app developed to this point in the book contains an activity: the main activity. Up to this point in the book, except for one of the examples, only a main activity of limited dimensionality has been presented. Most apps contain a number of activities, and these activities can perform a wide range of tasks based ...

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