Chapter 3

Developing for Android TV


check Running Android apps for television sets

check Running Android Studio's TV app

check Creating an Android TV app

Do you remember the first time you heard about “the cloud”? Most people understand that “the cloud” doesn’t refer to condensed water vapor; it refers to that collection of hardware and software that feeds us our contacts, our calendars, and our bookmarks wherever we go. Some buzzwords like the word “cloud” enter our psyches without fuss or fanfare. Other buzzwords knock us on the head and say “Pay attention to me. I will become important.”

You may have had an interesting response when you first heard about the ten-foot experience, and may have wondered why anyone needed a ten-foot TV screen. Most of us have seen 70-inch TV screens in stores and may have wanted to know how a ten-foot device would fit into the average consumer's living room.

In the phrase ten-foot experience, “ten feet” doesn't refer to the screen size. It refers to the user's distance from the device. The basic idea is, when a user isn't right up against a screen (the way we are with computer monitors and cellphone screens), the user interface must be designed accordingly. ...

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