Chapter 13


Some of the navigation patterns have “bled” into previous chapters of the book and for good reason: Navigation is the third most important topic of the book. Together with search and data entry, navigation forms the triumvirate of effective mobile User Experience. And Android navigation is a huge topic—one that deserves its own book. Unfortunately, it has only one chapter, so it includes only the most advanced, hotly debated, and most commonly screwed up topics as subjects to provide the most value to you.

This chapter explores the patterns that make navigation possible and even enjoyable on tiny mobile screens. Topics such as panorama integration and immersive experiences might be just around the corner, but they have not yet found a way into the collective Android design consciousness. As new, specific mobile navigation patterns continue to evolve on a daily basis (almost), it becomes more important to focus on the solid, authentically mobile design foundation that enables you to adopt new and emerging mobile patterns to your needs. 13.1 Antipattern: Pogosticking

What sounds like a fun childhood game becomes an extreme sport on the small bit of real estate offered by mobile screens. Here is how to avoid breaking a leg.

When and Where It Shows Up

Pogosticking is an insidious mobile navigation problem. It shows up any time there is a list view linked to ...

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