Chapter 13

Ten Open-Source Game Projects

In This Chapter

arrow Checking out side-scrolling platformers

arrow Seeing sample puzzle and word games

arrow Researching physics-based games and 3D

Often the best way to get where you’re going, especially when developing games, is to build on what others have done already. Even if you do start completely from scratch, looking at how someone else already accomplished something similar can speed up your development time or give you new ideas and insights.

The following ten Android game projects are all open-source. That means the source code and all resources for the game are made freely available. Be sure to check the license for each, though. Just because they’re free of charge doesn’t mean that you can simply copy and paste their code over into your game.

I’ve included a good cross-section of genres and approaches, so if the two games built in this book weren’t the kinds of games you necessarily want to build, chances are that at least one of these free projects fills that bill.

Lunar Lander

The Android SDK comes bundled with example projects that exemplify best practices with regard to developing certain types of apps. One of the earliest examples of ...

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