Long description

The lines read as follows. Line 1. forward slash forward slash Blocker period java. Line 2. forward slash forward slash Subclass of Game Element customized for the Blocker. Line 3. package com period deitel period cannon game semicolon. Line 4. blank. Line 5. public class Blocker extends Game Element left brace. Line 6, indented once. private i n t miss Penalty semicolon forward slash forward slash the miss penalty for this Blocker. Line 7. blank. Line 8, indented once. forward slash forward slash constructor. Line 9, indented once. public Blocker left parenthesis Cannon View view comma i n t color comma i n t miss Penalty comma i n t, x comma. Line 10, indented twice. i n t, y comma i n t width comma i n t length comma float ...

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