Time for action – playing background music

Let's open and play an MP3 music file with OpenSL ES:

  1. MP3 files are opened by OpenSL using a POSIX file descriptor pointing to the chosen file. Improve jni/ResourceManager.cpp created in the previous chapters by defining a new structure ResourceDescriptor and appending a new method descriptor():
    struct ResourceDescriptor {
        int32_t mDescriptor;
        off_t mStart;
        off_t mLength;
    class Resource {
        status open();
        void close();
        status read(void* pBuffer, size_t pCount);
        ResourceDescriptor descriptor();
        bool operator==(const Resource& pOther);
  2. Implement jni/ResourceManager.cpp. Of course, makes use of the asset manager API to open the descriptor and fill a ResourceDescriptor ...

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