Time for action – turning an Android device into a Joypad

Let's find the device orientation and properly determine the direction.

  1. Write a new file jni/Configuration.hpp to help us get device information, and more specifically device rotation (defined as screen_rot).

    Declare findRotation() to discover the device orientation with the help of JNI:

    #ifndef _PACKT_CONFIGURATION_HPP_ #define _PACKT_CONFIGURATION_HPP_ #include "Types.hpp" #include <android_native_app_glue.h> #include <jni.h> typedef int32_t screen_rot; const screen_rot ROTATION_0 = 0; const screen_rot ROTATION_90 = 1; const screen_rot ROTATION_180 = 2; const screen_rot ROTATION_270 = 3; class Configuration { public: Configuration(android_app* pApplication); screen_rot getRotation() { return ...

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