Chapter 6

Missed Calls and Voicemail

In This Chapter

arrow Checking on missed calls

arrow Browsing call history

arrow Configuring basic voicemail

arrow Listening to voicemail messages

arrow Using Google Voice for voicemail

arrow Reading a Google Voice message

The genius behind the mobile phone is that you can receive a call anywhere. I’m not implying that you’ll never miss a call. In fact, some calls you’ll miss on purpose: You whip out the phone, check the touchscreen to see who’s calling, frown, and then dismiss the call, banishing it to voicemail. That happens a lot.

As a type of a computer, your Android phone dutifully keeps track of all calls, not only missed, but those you place and answer as well. Missed calls aren’t sentenced to the digital ether, either: They can visit a place called voicemail. And that voicemail is more than just a “Leave your tone at the message” feature on an Android phone.

Who Called Who ...

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