Chapter 8

Text Messaging Mania

In This Chapter

arrow Creating a text message

arrow Getting a text message

arrow Forwarding a text message

arrow Texting pictures, videos, and media items

arrow Managing your text messages

arrow Specifying a text message ringtone

Texting is the popular name for using your Android phone to send short, typed messages to another phone — specifically, another cell phone. The process echoes earlier technology, such as the telegraph and teletype. Interestingly enough, the acronym LOL for laugh out loud, was first used in the 1880s:


Jeb: Stagecoach robbed again, but the boys forgot the strongbox at the office. LOL.

Despite its seemingly anachronistic nature, texting remains a popular form of communications. Indeed, some young people text more than they use the phone to place a call. It’s a great, ...

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