Chapter 14

O Sweet Music!

In This Chapter

arrow Listening to a song

arrow Building up a song queue

arrow Adding music to your library

arrow Organizing your music into playlists

arrow Managing playlists

arrow Listening to streaming music

Push-button phones and tone dialing were introduced in the 1970s. People realized that the tones generated by dialing certain numbers sounded like popular tunes. My parents’ home number sounded like Yankee Doodle. On your Android phone, however, listening to music is much more sophisticated than enjoying dialing tones.

In addition to everything else it does, your Android phone can play music. You can listen to songs you buy online, synchronize them from a computer, or find music on the Internet. Some phones can even listen to FM radio. So wherever you go with your phone, which should be everywhere, you also carry your music library.

The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

Your Android phone is ...

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