Chapter 1

An Out-of-the-Box Experience


check Unboxing your Android

check Charging the battery

check Locating important things

check Getting optional accessories

check Storing a phone or tablet

You begin your Android adventure by removing the device from its box. Yes, I know: You’ve already completed that task. I don’t blame you; I removed my new Android from the box before I wrote this chapter. Yet you may consider a few helpful tips and suggestions before that out-of-the-box experience becomes a distant memory.


Like most electronics, your new Android phone or tablet works fastest when you remove it from its box. Savor the moment. Breathe deep the scent of industrial glue used to seal the box. Gingerly lift out the packaging. Marvel as you peel back the plastic sheeting.

Array before you the contents of the box. These useful items include

  • The device itself: Tablets come fully assembled, but some phones require that you insert the battery and then snap on the back of the case. Directions ...

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