Chapter 23

On the Road Again


check Understanding roaming

check Avoiding data roaming charges

check Placing international calls

check Entering Airplane mode

check Using an Android in the air

check Contacting friends abroad

check Taking an Android overseas

You’re in a land far, far away. The sun shines warmly upon your face. A gentle breeze wafts over crashing waves. You wiggle your toes in the soft, grainy sand. And the number-one thought on your mind is, “Can my Android phone get a signal?”

For an Android tablet, the question is the same: “Do they have Wi-Fi on this beach?” Funny as it sounds, they probably do.

As a mobile device, your Android is designed to go wherever you go. And if you give the thing a good throw, it can go beyond where you go, but that’s not my point. Because it is wireless and has a generous ...

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