Working with Existing Runs

The next logical thing to do is allow the user to navigate from the list of runs to the details of a specific run. In order for this to work well, RunFragment needs some support for passing a run ID as an argument. Since you host RunFragment in RunActivity, it too needs an extra for the run ID.

First, add the argument to RunFragment and a newInstance(long) method to make it easier to use.

Listing 34.18  Adding a run ID argument (

p​u​b​l​i​c​ ​c​l​a​s​s​ ​R​u​n​F​r​a​g​m​e​n​t​ ​e​x​t​e​n​d​s​ ​F​r​a​g​m​e​n​t​ ​{​
 ​ ​ ​ ​p​r​i​v​a​t​e​ ​s​t​a​t​i​c​ ​f​i​n​a​l​ ​S​t​r​i​n​g​ ​T​A​G​ ​=​ ​"​R​u​n​F​r​a​g​m​e​n​t​"​;​
 ​ ​ ​ ​p​r​i​v​a​t​e​ ​s​t​a​t​i​c​ ​f​i​n​a​l​ ​S​t​r​i​n​g​ ​A​R​G​_​R​U​N​_​I​D​ ​=​ ...

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