Initializing GPU0 and FB0 in GLES emulation

As we know, device initialization is done in the open method defined in the hw_module_methods_t data structure. Let's look at the implementation of the open method in GLES emulation. It is implemented in the gralloc_device_open function, as we can see in the following snippet:

static int gralloc_device_open(const hw_module_t* module,                                const char* name,                                hw_device_t** device) {     int status = -EINVAL;     D("gralloc_device_open %s\n", name);     pthread_once( &sFallbackOnce, fallback_init );     if (sFallback != NULL) {         return sFallback->common.methods->open(&sFallback->common,         name, device);     }     if (!strcmp(name, GRALLOC_HARDWARE_GPU0)) {         // Create host connection and keep it in the TLS.  // return error ...

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