Chapter 1

That Out-of-the-Box Experience

In This Chapter

arrow Unboxing the tablet

arrow Charging the battery

arrow Locating important tablet-things

arrow Getting optional accessories

arrow Storing a tablet


Your Android tablet adventure begins by opening the device’s box. Sure, you’ve probably already done that. I don’t blame you; I had already opened the box that my Android tablet came in before I read this chapter. No problem. So, to help you recall the ordeal, or to get you oriented if you found the process daunting, or just to prepare you for that out-of-the-box experience yet to come, this chapter provides you with a gentle introduction to your new Android tablet.

Initial Procedures

If you’ve purchased a cellular or LTE tablet, the folks who sold it to you may have already done some configuration before you left the store. That’s great because an LTE tablet requires some extra setup before you can use the ...

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