Chapter 2

Android Tablet On and Off

In This Chapter

arrow Turning on an Android tablet

arrow Unlocking the screen

arrow Configuring the tablet

arrow Adding more accounts

arrow Locking the screen

arrow Shutting down the tablet

The bestselling Pencils For Dummies has no chapter describing how to turn on a pencil. Pens For Dummies does have the chapter “Enabling the Pen to Write,” but that’s not really an on–off thing, and the author of that book describes in great detail how awkward an On-Off switch or power button would be on a pen. Aren’t you and I lucky to live in an age when such things are carefully described?

Your Android tablet is far more complex than a pen or a pencil, and, often, it’s more useful. As such an advanced piece of technology, your tablet features not an On–Off button but, rather, a Power/Lock key. That button does more than just turn the Android tablet on or off, which is why this book has an entire ...

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