Chapter 7

Tablet Web Browsing

In This Chapter

arrow Browsing the web on your tablet

arrow Adding a bookmark

arrow Working with tabs

arrow Searching for text on a web page

arrow Sharing web pages

arrow Downloading images and files

arrow Configuring the web browser app

I’m certain that the World Wide Web was designed to be viewed on a computer. The monitor is big and roomy. Web pages are displayed amply, like Uncle Carl on the sofa watching a ballgame. The smaller the screen, however, the more difficult it is to view web pages designed for those roomy monitors. The web on a cell phone? Tragic. But on an Android tablet?

Your tablet doesn’t have the diminutive screen of a cell phone, nor does it have a widescreen computer monitor. Instead, the tablet’s screen is a good size in between, like a younger, thinner version of Uncle Carl. ...

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