Chapter 2: Intents and Intent Filters

In This Chapter

check.png Making a match

check.png Getting the lowdown on intents and intent filters

check.png Practicing with intents on an emulator or device

check.png Stacking up your activities and tasks

You can judge people’s mental ages by the kinds of foods they eat. For example, one of my friends seeks out new tastes from strange and exotic lands. Mentally, he’s a mature adult. As for me, I like cheeseburgers and chocolate. Mentally, I’m 12 years old.

So here’s an experiment: Put a meal on a table and then put a bunch of people in the room. Each person has a list of foods that he is willing to eat. Now use the people’s lists to figure out who is (and who isn’t) willing to eat the meal.

Things can become complicated. I love cheeseburgers . . . but no toppings, please! . . . unless the topping is mayonnaise. Yes, I want fries with that, but not if they’re sweet potato fries. And above all, if the food’s slimy, or if you have to explain where it comes from, I’m not eating it.

How to Make a Match

Android has two kinds of intents — explicit and implicit:

An explicit intent names ...

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