Answers to Self-Review Exercises


a) left brace ({), right brace (}).

b) if.

c) //.

d) Space characters, newlines and tabs.

e) Keywords.

f) main.

g) System.out.print, System.out.println and System.out.printf.


a) False. Comments do not cause any action to be performed when the program executes. They’re used to document programs and improve their readability.

b) True.

c) False. Java is case sensitive, so these variables are distinct.

d) False. The remainder operator can also be used with non-integer operands in Java.

e) False. The operators *, / and % are higher precedence than operators + and -.


a) int c, thisIsAVariable, q76354, number;


int c;int thisIsAVariable;int q76354;int number;

b) System.out.print( "Enter an integer: "

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