ACA Angel Capital Association, the national federation of professional angel groups and angel investors in the United States.

accelerator A for-profit type of business incubator that typically accepts startup teams into a three-month program and provides basic living expenses, office space, and intense mentorship in exchange for equity in the startup.

Accredited investor Defined by the SEC as an individual with at least $1 million in assets not including the value of the primary residence, or at least $200,000 in income for the past two years (or $300,000 together with a spouse).

acqui-hire One company's acquisition of another for the primary purpose of hiring its employees, rather than for the intrinsic value of the business itself.

angel group A formal or informal organization of individual Accredited investors who pool their deal flow, resources, expertise, and capital in order to make angel investments.

angel investor An Accredited investor who invests his or her personal capital in early stage, potentially high-growth companies.

angel round A round of investment into a startup company from angel investors not previously affiliated with the founder. Typically the first money invested in a company after the founder's own money, and the founder's friends and family.

AngelList A prominent website based in Silicon Valley bringing together startup companies and angel investors.

BHAG Big Hairy Audacious Goal, the giant sweeping vision of a startup founder to change the world. ...

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