Chapter 6

Lamentations (Safe European Home?)

The French town of Deauville, with its hippodrome, grand hotels and beachfront promenade, is a resort that trades on its illustrious past. Developed in the 1860s during France’s Belle Epoque, the town found its true vocation after enlisting the help of Eugène Cornuché, who had just given his Paris restaurant Maxim’s an Art Nouveau makeover, ensuring the decor was as fashionable as the food. Cornuché set about redeveloping the town’s casino, opening it in 1912, the year after the race course was inaugurated, thus establishing Deauville as a playground for the Paris smart set. Coco Chanel was attracted to the town by her polo-playing lover, Captain Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel, and opened one of her first ...

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