Chapter 9Using REST APIs in Single Page Blogger

Applying $resource to Our App

Let's return to our Single Page Blogger app and use AngularJS's $resource to store all our blog posts on a remote server. I've developed a RESTful back end to store blog posts using Node.js and MongoDB. The app has been deployed to OpenShift Cloud and can be accessed at

Here is what the API looks like:

URLHTTP VerbRequest BodyResult
/api/postsGETemptyReturns all posts
/api/postsPOSTJSON StringCreate new post
/api/posts/:idGETemptyReturns single post
/api/posts/:idPUTJSON StringUpdates existing post
/api/posts/:idDELETEemptyDeletes existing post

Note: Making Cross-domain API Calls

Normally you won't be able to make cross-domain ...

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