Writing your first factory service

As we learned earlier, a factory is written to return a single object, array, or function that can then be passed as a parameter to any other function or controller, across the entire application.

Let's create a factory function to store a country list and pass it on to our models via the controller.

Let's open the app/js/services.js file and add the following code:

'use strict';
angular.module('myApp.services', []).
value('version', '0.1')

.factory('rtmFactory', function() {
    var countries = [
    {name: 'USA',code: 'us'}, 
    {name: 'UK',code: 'uk'}, 
    {name: 'France',code: 'fr'}
    return {
        getCountries: function() {
            return countries;

Here, we are creating a factory named rtmFactory and chaining it to the myApp

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