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The Fourth Period

The Fourth Period is short and runs from 1951 (the date of projection of the UPA short Gerald McBoing Boing) to 1960, the date of the first international animation film festival (Annecy, France). It is characterized by indecision. Disney and his imitators lost momentum, the UPA proposed a new style, the television age began and an original animation output was born in Europe. We’ll christen it ‘The Birth of a Style (1951–1960)’.

1 America

After the Long Telegram


Almighty and Suspicious

Gerald McBoing Boing


Pete Burness

Robert Cannon

John Hubley

Theory from Practice

The Galaxy

Walt Disney

Warner Bros.

Friz Freleng

Chuck Jones

Michael Maltese

The Resurgence of Terrytoons

Walter ...

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