Targets for EtE Builds

In this section, we’ll create the targets to carry out our unattended end to end build. We’ll create 11 targets to perform this work, and those targets will use several of the built-in and optional tasks that Ant provides. Here are the major topics for this section:

  • An overview of the tasks we will create

  • Setting up a recorder to get a full log of the build

  • Preparing the output directory

  • Fetching the source code from both CVS and SourceSafe

  • Compiling the files

  • Running JUnit tests on our code

  • Reporting test results

  • Generating a Web archive for deployment

  • Deploying what we’ve built

  • What to do with those reports

Tasks We’ll Use

We’ll use numerous tasks for our EtE build, running the gamut of functionality and responsibility. In the ...

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