Chapter 2. A first Ant build

2.1 Defining our first project
2.2 Step zero: creating the project directory
2.3 Step one: verifying the tools are in place
2.4 Step two: writing your first Ant build file
2.5 Step three: running your first build
2.6 Step four: imposing structure
2.7 Step five: running our program
2.8 Ant command-line options
2.9 Examining the final build file
2.10 Running the build under an IDE
2.11 Summary

Let’s start this gentle introduction to Ant with a demonstration of what it can do. The first chapter described how Ant views a project: a project contains targets, each of which is a set of actions—tasks—that perform part of the build. Targets can depend on other targets, all of which are declared in an XML file, ...

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