Anyone Can Create an App

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Do you have a fantastic idea for an iPhone app but no idea how to bring it to life? Great news! With the right tools and a little practice, anyone can create an app. This book will get you started, even if you've never written a line of computer code.

About the Technology

About the Book

Anyone Can Create an App begins with the basics by introducing programming concepts, the Swift language, and the tools you'll need to write iOS apps. As you explore the interesting examples, illuminating illustrations, and crystal-clear step-by-step instructions, you'll learn to:

  • Get started programming, no experience necessary!
  • Add controls like text boxes and buttons
  • Keep track of your favorite things by creating the Like It or Not (LioN) app
By the end, you'll be able to create and run your own apps, and you'll have the confidence to learn more on your own. The book is updated for Swift 3.

What's Inside

About the Reader

This book is written especially for non programmers - no experience needed!

About the Author

Wendy Wise has an extensive background in mobile and application development and has worked with several Fortune 500 companies. In her 17-year technical career, Wendy has served as a senior director of software development, a senior product manager for international mobile applications, and a hands-on developer for web and mobile technologies, among many other technical roles. Wendy fully embraces her nerd/geek side, as you'll find out as you read this book. In her spare time, she enjoys beer, coffee, photography, camping, and being outdoors.

An excellent way to get started on iOS development. A beginner-friendly approach that lets you learn at your own pace.
- Stephen Byrne, Dell

A clear, concise guide for the uninitiated. Quick results guaranteed in simple steps!
- Mark Cooper, Cooper and Lansbury Associates

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get their first app into the App Store.
- Jason Pike, Atlas RFID Solutions

Approachable, easy to read, and easy to follow.
- Jocelyn Jeriah, MBO Partners

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Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Brief Table of Contents
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Preface
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About this Book
  7. Part 1. Your very first app
    1. Chapter 1. Getting started
    2. Chapter 2. Building your first app
    3. Chapter 3. Your first app, explained
    4. Chapter 4. Learning more about your development tools: Xcode
    5. Chapter 5. Capturing users’ actions: adding buttons
    6. Chapter 6. The button app, explained
    7. Chapter 7. Capturing user input: adding text boxes
    8. Chapter 8. Playing on the playground
  8. Part 2. The keys to the city: understanding key development concepts
    1. Chapter 9. Go with the flow, man! Controlling the flow of your app
    2. Chapter 10. While you’re doing that...
    3. Chapter 11. Collections
    4. Chapter 12. Telling stories with storyboards
    5. Chapter 13. ViewControllers in depth
    6. Chapter 14. Put it on my tab: creating tab bars
    7. Chapter 15. Table views: more than a coffee table picture book
    8. Chapter 16. Patterns: learning to sew
  9. Part 3. Creating the Like it or Not app
    1. Chapter 17. Putting it all together: the LioN app
    2. Chapter 18. Adding data to your LioN app
    3. Chapter 19. Displaying details of your LioN
    4. Chapter 20. Creating the details of the detail view
    5. Chapter 21. The AddEditView scene
    6. Chapter 22. Delegates are everywhere
    7. Chapter 23. Editing LioNs
    8. Chapter 24. Saving LioNs
    9. Chapter 25. Making your LioN prettier
    10. Chapter 26. Working with Auto Layout
    11. Chapter 27. Search your LioNs
  10. Appendix A. Installing Xcode and Apple developer registration
  11. Appendix B. Running the app on your device
  12. Overview
  13. Topics covered
  14. Index
  15. List of Figures

Product information

  • Title: Anyone Can Create an App
  • Author(s): Wendy Wise
  • Release date: March 2017
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781617292651