Types of nodes

Workflow is composed of nodes; the logical DAG of nodes represents what part of the work is done by Oozie. Each node does a specified work and on success moves to one node or moves to another node on failure. For example, on success it goes to the OK node and on failure it goes to the Kill node.

Nodes in the Oozie Workflow are of the following types:

  • Control flow nodes
  • Action nodes

Let's discuss them in detail.

Control flow nodes

These nodes are responsible for defining start, end, and control flow of what to do inside the Workflow. These can be one of following:

  • Start node
  • End node
  • Kill node
  • Decision node
  • Fork and Join node

You have already seen the examples of the Start, End, and Kill nodes. In the context of programming, we can say that ...

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