Chapter 4. Indexing Data – The Basic Technique and Using Index Handlers

In the previous chapter, we saw how Solr provides us with a way to index data using a schema. This chapter will cover techniques that can be used to index data in Solr. There are many ways of sending data to Solr using API or by making a POST call to update handlers. We'll cover the following topics in this chapter:

  • Inserting data into Solr using basic POST tools
  • Using XML and JSON handlers

Inserting data into Solr

Solr provides an easy-to-use command-line tool for sending data in various formats to the Solr server. We can use the post.jar or tool to send data to the Solr server to index data. Both of these tools are located in %SOLR_HOME%/example/exampledocs in the default ...

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