Chapter 5. Indexing Data with the Help of Structured Datasources – Using DIH

In the previous chapter, we saw how we can index data using the XML, JSON, and CSV update handlers provided by Solr. In this chapter, we'll see how we can import data from a data store (for example, a database, XML that uses XPath, and many more) using the inbuilt functionalities of Solr. We'll cover the following topics:

  • Configuring a custom datasource for our data import handler
  • The various datasources available in Solr
  • Customization of the data import handler

Indexing data from MySQL

In this section, we'll see how we can set up a MySQL database in Solr to index our data from the database to Solr directly. To do this, we'll use the musicCatalog schema, which we developed ...

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