More and Better Web Sites: site.simple

We are now in a position to start creating real(ish) web sites, which can be found in the sample code at the web site for the book, For the sake of a little extra realism, we will base the site loosely round a simple web business, Butterthlies, Inc., that creates and sells picture postcards. We need to give it some web addresses, but since we don’t yet want to venture into the outside world, they should be variants on your own network ID. This way, all the machines in the network realize that they don’t have to go out on the Web to make contact. For instance, we edited the \windows\hosts file on the Windows 95 machine running the browser and the /etc/hosts file on the Unix machine running the server to read as follows: localhost

localhost is obligatory, so we left it in, but you should not make any server requests to it since the results are likely to be confusing.

You probably need to consult your network manager to make similar arrangements.

site.simple is site.toddle with a few small changes. The script go will work anywhere. To get started, do the following, depending on your operating environment:

test -d logs || mkdir logs
httpd -d 'pwd' -f 'pwd'/conf/httpd.conf ...

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