Chapter 12. Extra Modules

In addition to the standard modules mentioned in Chapter 1, which we suggest you compile into your copy of Apache, there are a number of more volatile modules available. We do not propose to document them in this edition of the book, but the list might be interesting. Be warned: modules designed for earlier versions of Apache may need updating before they work correctly with Version 1.3. Modules can be found in several places:

  • The Apache ../src/modules directory. This contains the standard modules plus (in the 1.3 release) subdirectories experimental and extra. The curious may find a search rewarding. At the time of writing there was only mod_mmap_static, which allows faster serving of slowly changing files.

  • The Apache FTP directory at At the time of writing the list was as follows:


    Disallow requests for files on particular devices.


    Authenticate via cookies on-the-fly.


    Authenticate via cookies with .htpasswd-like file.


    Authenticate via external program.


    Authenticate via instant passwords for dummy users.


    Authenticate via system passwd file.


    Bandwidth management on a per-connection basis.


    Automatic caching of documents via mmap().


    Automatic URL access counter via DBM file.


    Disallow requests for files owned by particular user IDs.

    mod_lock ...

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