13.7. Apache-SSL's Directives

Apache-SSL's directives follow, with a small section at the end of the chapter concerning CGIs.

13.7.1. SSLDisable

Server config, virtual host

Disable SSL. This directive is useful if you wish to run both secure and nonsecure hosts on the same server. Conversely, SSL can be enabled with SSLEnable.

13.7.2. SSLEnable

Server config, virtual host

Enable SSL. The default; but if you've used SSLDisable in the main server, you can enable SSL again for virtual hosts using this directive.

13.7.3. SSLRequireSSL

Server config, .htaccess, virtual host, directory

Require SSL. This can be used in <Directory> sections (and elsewhere) to protect against inadvertently disabling SSL. If SSL is not in use when this directive applies, access will be refused. This is a useful belt-and-suspenders measure for critical information.

13.7.4. SSLCacheServerPath

               SSLCacheServerPath filename
Server config

This directive specifies the path to the global cache server, gcache. It can be absolute or relative to the server root.

13.7.5. SSLCacheServerRunDir

               SSLCacheServerRunDir directory
Server config

Sets the directory in which gcache runs, so that it can produce core dumps during debugging.

13.7.6. SSLCacheServerPort

               SSLCacheServerPort file|port
Server config

The cache server can use either TCP/IP or Unix domain sockets. If the file or port argument is a number, then a TCP/IP port at that number is used; otherwise, it is assumed to ...

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